Does Protein Powder/Shake Really Help in Achieving Health and Fitness Goals?


Are you pondering over protein powder again and again but could not decide whether they are good for you or not? If yes, there is no need to be concerned as we have got you covered in this aspect. 

Protein is one of the essential macronutrients that play a huge role in muscle building. Thus, it is necessary that you include protein as a part of daily nutrition.  

Though there are several real food sources, such as legumes, nuts, milk, and quinoa, there are plenty of instances where you might need to supplement your diet with additional whey protein powder. 

You may want to include whey protein in your daily diet when you are:

  • Struggling to consume the recommended amount of protein every day for general fitness, sports competitions, or similar purposes.
  • Skinny or very thin and need to bulk up.
  • Trying to lose weight and want to replace your unhealthy meal with a high-protein supplement.
  • Craving for the convenience of a protein powder/shake and don’t want to indulge in preparing another meal.

In all these instances, consuming delicious, Wheycoco chocolate flavored whey protein is an excellent choice as you can prepare the beverage by mixing it in water, milk or juice within a minute. The most significant benefit of consuming this beverage is that it quickly infuses into your body and provides instant hydration and helps in muscle recovery and maintenance. 

Taking protein supplements is very helpful in such instances, and it is even supported by a systematic review of studies that:

“As the duration, frequency, and volume of resistance training increase, protein supplementation may promote muscle hypertrophy and enhance gains in muscle strength in both untrained and trained individuals. Evidence also suggests that protein supplementation may accelerate gains in both aerobic and anaerobic power.”

What it means in simple words is that if you are undergoing training (strength or resistance training) correctly and eating a healthy diet, consuming a higher amount of protein may help in muscle building and performing well. 

Here, protein powders can also be counted to fulfill your daily requirements of protein. 

However, you need to understand that protein supplements are not the panacea of all your health issues. What Wheycoco protein supplements can do for you is:

  • They supplement a healthy diet.
  • They help you feel energetic and recharged. 
  • They help in repairing and maintaining your muscles.
  • They might help you lose weight.
  • They might help you sleep better. 

But, still, you need to follow a strength/resistance training routine, get enough sleep, and make healthy choices when it comes to eating. 

Long Story Short

Consuming protein in enough amounts should be your aim if you wish to stay healthy and fit or perform well in your sports and athletic activities. And, Wheycoco chocolate flavored whey protein can help you do that as it is packed with 11g Protein, 400mg Potassium, and all the goodness of Whey Protein Isolate, Coconut Water Powder, Alkalized Cocoa, and Garcinia.    

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